Thursday, January 22, 2009


the fever? is it really worthy?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is not Dolphin who gave me The Life Lesson but this is close looking in his Grace.

Dolphin whispers

Today I, Lo Hoang Lai, sitting to meditate by the beach spoke to a dolphin. And he spoke back.

'Dolphin' I said, 'what should I do with my life.'

But the dolphin did not answer, just swum around eating fish and jumping.

'Dolphin' I said louder, 'I need your wisdom!'

The dolphin looked at me:

'Patience!' he said.

I meditated for fourteen hours by the sea. I did not eat or drink. When I rose, Gratful for my Life Lesson the dolphin turned aroun and waved.

Patience, patience, patience, how easy to forget. Thank You Dolphin!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

one more poem

More Haiku will come
when inspiration strikes me!
Or - when time permits.

poem, Ironic

What is a haiku?
I do not know what they are.
Someone please tell me.

Hahahaha, well this is a joke! I do know how to haiku. But as many hve said before me: it is with Laughter walls will crumble.

poem 3,

voodoo shorts and what's
two and twos, circus and books
what sung you behind?

the Inspiration for this lovely poem I got from this thought provocing post by Mr. Jimmy "Slim" Morales.

Urgent poem! For everyone!

Children learn from us.
Teach them about ancestors.
Start a Family Tree!

poem 2

The flap of a bat,
drip drip of monsoon waters.
Ancient image stares.


Pond with ice

We Are One...

... so Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama spoke and it brought tears to my eyes. For the President I have written a humble Poem expressing what I feel in my Heart:

Oh Change, which we are all belivers in
Thank You for sending Barack Obama to us in this time of global distress.
From the smallest bird to the biggest of elephant,
from wind
to sun
to rain;
we are all hoping for One Loving World.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Part of a Bigger Picture

As Many of my Dear Friends have done before me I am now following in their footsteps and bringing to my 'weblog' a picture of a cuddly animal. This Heart shaped dog is proving to us all that albeit hideous he can still be cute.

(maybe this will have more people posting pictures of animals, I hope so. Not many blogs are commited to the Cuteness and Sweetness of the Beast)

Love Corrupted

Let me tell you what has happened to Love!!!! Love has been corrupted, by these coverdly people who dare not show there faces but disturbe the Order of the Universe with their pathetic attempt to rob us all of our Dignity. Shame on you!


This,a very brave woman indeed.

Believing your Eyes

At this I marvle!

How do they make it?I don't know but look at those hole in the road! Simply facinating!

Love, Bread and Music

Friends and others interested in Love, Bread and Music,

I would like to share with you, my book - Love, Bread and Music. About my travels on this watery Planet Gaia who we treat so badly (please forgive us Planet). My book covers the food I have eaten and the music I have sung. But mostly it is a testiment of the love i have shared and received.

Please buy my book, you will Love it too.

(if you are interested in publishing this well written and very unique book please make contact as well, I have almost everything on paper and the rest is in the Archive if my Heart, easily accessible)

Alone at Sea

Clearly this Internet is bigger than i initially thought. An unknown soul, this time making The Journey as an Wise Accountant from Mexico has approched me regarding my new friend Mr. Horace Q. Horatius. Mr. Jimmy "slim" Morales claims that maybe is not every lotus petal in order by my Dear Friend Horace.

Who can I trust?

One among Others

Loved Ones,

Hallo from Cocos Island and and your friend Lo Hoang Lai. I just wanted to tell you that there are other 'weblogs' out there on the Internet apart from my 'weblog'.

"Is it really?" you ask.

Yes indeed! Several hundreds of them. One very funny is Under My Mango Tree, the man takes funny pictures of himself in different hats.

Laughter is Love,

Lo Hoang Lai


Horace Q. Horatius has not stolen any money from under my madrass. That was someone else completely, several years ago.

Horace , have you given up on your old Friend Lo Hoang Lai (me)?

Trusting in the Great Forgivness,

Lo Hoang Lai

Not to trust?

Maybe is this man, Horace Q. Horatius not who he says he is. Clearly he did not understand me in the comments below.

"Why Oh Why, Lo Hoang Lai must you be so trusting and your soul so pure?"

Well, I rather trust and have my heart broken (and what little savings I had tucked away in my madrass stolen) then to never have any friends to share my stories with.

My New Friend

I have made a friend! A Wise Man of Great Wisdom has taken me as his Friend. Mr. Horace Q. Horatius I welcome you in my life!

not a good thing

Today I saw two birds fighting over a crum of bread. As the smaller one (and he was small,very small and greyish) got the crum in his beak and swallowed it, the bigger bird (green parrot type of bird, preditor looking) made on last attempt to take the food and I shooed him away. This bothers me, I have interrupted the Order of the Universe. Hopefully, this interruption of the Order of the Universe has not bee in vain as I meditate over this I will keep the answer in my heart (and also here on the blog).

with Love and Trust in the Future,
Lo Hoang Lai

the Greatness

As i dip my toes in the Great Pacific I ask myself: isn't Man truly the Gretest of Apes.

"Why, Lo Hoang Lai?" you ask as you take of your shoes to, you as well, test the waters, "why is man so fantastic?"

Well, let me tell you! We have discovered the Internet! And now, and for ever if we get to keep our beautiful Planet, we can always stay educated.

Ahhhh, Finally!

Loved ones and Friends I Do Not Yet Have the Privilage of Knowing (But soon I hope!),

I have arrived, here, on the Internet, humbely testing if the ground will support my foundation (or will I, like a fish without the will of her own be flushed of shore into the Great Unknown)? Only time will tell.

I have been travelling for many years, I was young when I first said goodbye to my country. During this long, but so heartachingly brief, journey that is my life; many places have I called home. I have said Farewell to them all.

"Sad?"you ask me.

"Oh no, not at all for as they say as man settles down a part of him dies."

Sincerley yours,
Lo Hoang Lai