Monday, January 19, 2009

Not to trust?

Maybe is this man, Horace Q. Horatius not who he says he is. Clearly he did not understand me in the comments below.

"Why Oh Why, Lo Hoang Lai must you be so trusting and your soul so pure?"

Well, I rather trust and have my heart broken (and what little savings I had tucked away in my madrass stolen) then to never have any friends to share my stories with.


  1. Trust me when I say Mr. Horatius is indeed NOT who whe claims to be. I have many suspicions about that man, and almost proof that he is an agent of my political enemies. Do not trust that man!

  2. Political enemy agent? If Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales was not so consistently delusional in all his opinions, he might well be taken for a common paranoid!

    I am not, nor have I ever been, compensated for my many, humble and well meaning objections to the falsehoods and outright misrepresentations that Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales plants in his misguided garden (his "Weblog"). This, of course, is in itself utterly unfortunate, and so while waiting for the unlikely event that Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales comes to what could possibly remain of his senses and decides himself to pay me the good money I deserve for so tirelessly trying to set him straight, I will take this opportunity to ask all the political enemies of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales to make note that awarding me for my diligent efforts is never too late!

    And in conclusion, I am of course exactly who I say I am, no one more and certainly no one less!


    Horace Q. Horatius

  3. Ahhhhh, this is lovely! Friends in the Garden of My Blog. This, Dearest of New Friends is Pure Energy from the Universe. This is what was needed, I did correctly when I shooed the parrot away. Ahhhhhh, Rest At last; Beautiful, Beautiful Rest!