Monday, January 19, 2009

Alone at Sea

Clearly this Internet is bigger than i initially thought. An unknown soul, this time making The Journey as an Wise Accountant from Mexico has approched me regarding my new friend Mr. Horace Q. Horatius. Mr. Jimmy "slim" Morales claims that maybe is not every lotus petal in order by my Dear Friend Horace.

Who can I trust?

1 comment:

  1. What!?

    You can, and this goes without saying, trust ME, not that horrible little accountant, Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales!!!

    That is just like that snake, Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales, to stab an innocent gentleman in the back, him with his relentless persecution of me and my character!

    I tell you now, Madam, or perhaps Good Sir, that I will not rest until this unjustice is undone, and all blame has returned to its proper designation, squarely in the lap of Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales!

    Jimmy "Slim" Morales, if you can hear me: This time, it is personal!


    Horace Q. Horatius