Monday, January 19, 2009

not a good thing

Today I saw two birds fighting over a crum of bread. As the smaller one (and he was small,very small and greyish) got the crum in his beak and swallowed it, the bigger bird (green parrot type of bird, preditor looking) made on last attempt to take the food and I shooed him away. This bothers me, I have interrupted the Order of the Universe. Hopefully, this interruption of the Order of the Universe has not bee in vain as I meditate over this I will keep the answer in my heart (and also here on the blog).

with Love and Trust in the Future,
Lo Hoang Lai


  1. Hey, I am rooting for you, Lo Hoang Lai, Hang in there! I'm totally on your side in this! Stay tough!


    Your Good Old Friend,

    Horace Q. Horatius

  2. No Horatius!

    No you are misstaken! We must wait! The Universe will tell us where to go!