Tuesday, January 20, 2009

one more poem

More Haiku will come
when inspiration strikes me!
Or - when time permits.


  1. My Dear Madam!

    Your poetry bears an unmistakable quality, perceptible only to the refined ear of course, but I can sense it!

    In my search for Worthy Art upon which to bring the gaze of my discerning eye, I am stunned to find such talent - if yet unpolished, like the diamond in the rough - in the very place where I would least have expected it: the Internet!

    Please do not entertain the thought of discontinuing your production! The World must See and Experience!

    And I, rest assured Dear Madam, will write a review of your work that will be certain to bring it into the spotlight it so richly deserves!

    Until we speak again!


  2. Ahhhhhh, Dear Friend clearly you are, as I, a Follower of the Arts Within. No! I will not, nor can I, ever stop Thinking and as we all know, Dear Mr. Humph, the Universe needs more not less of the Poetry!

    Sincerley yours,
    Lo Hoang Lai

  3. Hi Lo Hoang Lai, I can really relate to this Haiku. What a fantastic similar world of poets (aspiring he he he)we live.

    I have several Haikus in my port and I will share it here.

    Write on!

  4. Ahhh, Dear Friend earl - Thank You. Your words fall like rain and I drink them like nectar. How True you are: we poets must always stand united only then can we see the Universe and save her.