Monday, January 19, 2009

Part of a Bigger Picture

As Many of my Dear Friends have done before me I am now following in their footsteps and bringing to my 'weblog' a picture of a cuddly animal. This Heart shaped dog is proving to us all that albeit hideous he can still be cute.

(maybe this will have more people posting pictures of animals, I hope so. Not many blogs are commited to the Cuteness and Sweetness of the Beast)


  1. How glad I am to have inspired You, My Dear Old Friend, in this positive direction with my Greater know-how of the Internet!

    Much more so, I should hope, than that Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales!


    Horace Q. Horatius

  2. That is funny animal! His eyes are set wide like chicken, but he´s dog!

  3. Sorry, hope the PEE shot does not hurt you
    Yes LOVE to travel, those people that say money does not buy happyness, they are right,but it does help me to travel and that make me happy
    thanks for following
    I will follow your site. Cute dog... Yours ???
    Cheers PB

  4. Dear Friend Horatce Q. Horatius - Friends is Inspiration, indeed.

    Dear Friend Jimmy "Slim" Morales - yes you are right, it looks like chicken. Once on my many travels I have seen a very unusual type of animal. Its mother was donkey and father was zebra, unfortunatly the Animal itself could not fahther offspring with any other animal.

    Dear new friend PB - Ahhhhhh, No urinating in the wild does not upset me. You follow my 'weblog' by clicking on the button in the right. And how right you are my Friend - Money can't buy the World. (dog is not mine, no)